What would happen with cybersecurity in a future world of autonomous or semi-autonomous cars?

Can hackers/thieves take control of the autonomous or semi-autonomous cars?

In this scenario in a near future cybersecurity is a must. The Securing Autonomous Driving Function at the Edge (SADE) use case combines the functionalities to be brought in by deploying cloud and edge computing in an autonomous car context, particularly defining where resilience functions should be deployed to properly accommodate the expected use case demands.
The main objectives of FISHY in this use case are:
•    Secure the software supply of chain in connected vehicles.
•    Secure the communication ICT infrastructures
By means of the next functionalities provided by FISHY:
•    Mitigation strategies
•    Risk and vulnerability management
•    Acountability
•    Security metrics
•    Evidenc-based security assurance
See our video about this use case.