To achieve its goals and assure broader impact, the FISHY solution needs to be highly innovative and usable, while adding value in the real world, both technologically, industrially and to the society. It is therefore imperative that all FISHY activities are cohesive and highly interconnected. To this end, we tightly couple research and development and broader impact activities together with all other project activities.

From the very start of FISHY we will produce early developments within the two iterations deployment approach considered in the project, i.e. IT-1 and IT-2, that will be checked vs the market evolution. The lessons learnt from initial deployments will be used to derive early specifications for the core FISHY technologies. Exploitation, Standardization and Dissemination activities will use early project results to raise awareness within the academic and industrial communities. The whole strategy will be completed with Demonstration activities that ensure demonstrated project results in real cases to show its applicability.

Project activities will run such that the required continuous interaction is facilitated among the tasks to progress through the two different iterations. The on-going consideration of the use-cases deployment and the in-built learning capacity will integrate these two incremental FISHY iterations supporting requirements fine-tuning, incremental functionalities as well as matching technology evolution and business models. This iterative approach aims to provide tighter control over project risks while assuring achievement of project objectives and results. The final PoC of the FISHY platform, to be delivered at the end of the project, will have a great chance to satisfy most of the expectations on project results. In sum, a global methodology acting in three areas, technical, dissemination and impact is defined:

From a technical point of view, the project will start from the architecture shown in the architecture tab, and will evolve while fine-tuning the different functional blocks, components and technologies. The system components are integrated in the subsequent phase and tested at lab premises. Finally, the overall system is validated in a PoC and in three different use cases. In parallel, the project plans to monitor any related advances (technology, standards) that might impact on the project direction as well as any commercial solution as they come out
From a dissemination point of view, the project will follow an intense outreach strategy aiming at spreading the FISHY ideas to the industrial, research and business communities.
Highly energetic actions are considered in the specific dissemination and exploitation WP, as described in the Impact Section.
From a business impact point of view for Europe, the project is seeking new market opportunities in the security/privacy/IoT/network/edge sectors, demonstrated by the use cases proposed, thus paving the way to innovative opportunities for project partners, i.e., ATOS (integrator, solution provider), TID (network operator), ALTRAN (Multi Vertical ER&D Services). SMEs (SYN, OPT, XLAB, STS, SONAE) will also benefit from FISHY by fuelling the deployment of their products and solutions in new verticals and the global market.

The overall FISHY methodology is defined to ease the development of the different activities defined within the project, all in all designing a solution for the FISHY platform (leveraging not only external research initiatives and innovation activities but also existing tools and solutions coming from partners in the FISHY consortium), to be integrated into a PoC validated in real use cases.