Press release

FISHY White Paper #2

Key Innovations in Supply Chain Cybersecurity and Resillience that Make Sense in Today's Industry
Pitch Deck slides

FISHY pitch deck

We have made avaialble the pitch deck for each of the 7 Key Exploitable Results in this presentation.

2nd FISHY roll-up

This our 2nd FISHY roll-up prepared for our General Assembly in Maia (Portugal) next week.
Joint infographic

Joint CYRENE-FISHY infographic

Here you have our joint infographic with H2020 CYRENE( Both projects aim to offer a solution for the cybersecurity of interconnected supply chains.    
Sonae use case

H2020 FISHY Infographic Wood-Based Panels Trusted Value-Chain

Wood-Based Panels Trusted Value-Chain use case by Sonae Arauco

H2020 FISHY Infographic-Securing Autonomous Driving Function at the Edge

Securing Autonomous Driving Function at the Edge (SADE)  use case by Capgemini Engineering

White paper

What are our challenges

H2020 FISHY Infographic-Use Case Farm to Fork

Farm to Fork use case by SYN and OPT

H2020 FISHY Infographic

General FISHY infographic

Press relase

FISHY H2020 Press relase