The FISHY framework will deal with all the supply chain components, from the IoT ecosystem to the infrastructure connecting them, addressing security and privacy functionalities related to risks and vulnerabilities management, accountability, and mitigation strategies as well as security metrics and evidence-based security assurance.

The Project

Project FISHY aims at designing, developing, validating and demonstrating a coordinated framework for cyber resilience provisioning to guarantee a trusted supply chain of ICT systems, built upon distributed, dynamic, and often fundamentally insecure and heterogeneous ICT infrastructures.

Use cases


Farm-to-fork (F2F)

The Farm-to-Fork (F2F) use case builds an agricultural supply chain scenario, leveraging a decentralized trusted process intended at facilitating all interested stakeholders to receive information about the conditions under which the products have been cultivated, stored and transported during their entire lifetime..

Wood-based Panels Trusted Value Chain (WBP TRUST)

The Wood-based Panels Trusted Value Chain (WBP TRUST) use case consists in a Plant 4.0 scenario, putting together different machineries from different suppliers along with many connected IoT devices, all in all setting an entire ecosystem where guaranteeing security, integrity and reliability is a must..

Securing Autonomous Driving Function at the Edge (SADE)

The Securing Autonomous Driving Function at the Edge (SADE) use case combines the functionalities to be brought in by deploying cloud and edge computing in an autonomous car context, particularly defining where resilience functions should be deployed to properly accommodate the expected use case demands..


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