In this 2023 edition of the Cybersecurity Congress, held in Barcelona during 31 January to 2 February, the FISHY project team held a booth together with other six Horizon Europe projects, in a common effort to demonstrate the results of the projects and to promote the interaction between visitors and experts in the field, and meet peers to resolve cybersecurity challenges. 

The FISHY participation in the Cybersecurity Congress was in the framework of the European Research Innovation for Cybersecurity (ERICyb) cluster composed by six other European Projects. The seven projects participating in the exhibition were: ASSURED (, BIECO (, CYRENE (, FISHY (, IoTAC (, SANCUS ( and SIFIS-HOME ( Prior to the participation in the congress the cluster organized different meetings to coordinate our joint participation. Apart from deciding the design of the booth, the cluster decided to schedule joint presentation each day at 11h and 15h.

In these joint presentations with 5 min for project, the projects demonstrated the state-of-the-art research results in various technical fields of cybersecurity, more specifically IoT security, and how they contribute to the protection of supply chains.

Thanks to these presentations the project team managed to, on one hand, receive from the other projects in the booth, discovering synergies and research collaborations; and on the other hand getting insights from people external to the cluster of projects. These latter were rather interested on understanding what an European Project is about and explore the possibilities of exploitation of the results.

During the event, the FISHY team had the opportunity to present a demo day that, due to coordinating aspects within the shared booth space and presentations of other projects, was distributed across the days of the event. FISHY took advantage of these slots of 5 min each day to present different results of the project, scheduling six different presentations. The agenda for this event included use case video presentations and more technical presentation of some FISHY components; as well as a general FISHY presentation describing the defined Key Exploitable Results (KERs):

o January 31st morning: Technical presentation-SIA/FRF

o January 31st afternoon: F2F use case video

o February 1st morning: Technical presentation-TIM

o February 1st afternoon: WBP use case

o February 2nd morning: FISHY general presentation and KERs

o February 2nd afternoon: SADE use case

The event also served to develop our FISHY demo day. Apart from the mentioned presentations in our agenda, also use case demos and specific component demos were prepared to demonstrate the FISHY potential to the event attendees.


The demonstrations have shown the advantages of the FISHY Platform, and highlighted the trust and incident management capabilities of the technology, as well as the secure infrastructure abstraction that brings much novelty to the overall outcomes, opening doors to research paths and to ongoing contribution to related European standards. We have also presented the way the FISHY technology is bringing benefit and advantage to the case studies in their supply chain management related to smart factories, connected cars and the food industry, particularly focusing the farm-to-fork initiative.


We have made available different videos on our YouTube channel addressing the different topics presented in the event. We invite you to watch them in the following links:


Participating at the Cybersecurity Congress was definitely worthwhile, as we could learn from the other projects involved in the booth, detecting common synergies and unfolding insightful ideas benefiting each other. This has been an excellent seed for future collaborations. We also have received several visitors who have learnt about the challenges we are addressing and the future impact of our work making Europe more cyber resilient. Additionally, we had an excellent opportunity to learn about diverse cybersecurity solutions existing in the market, updating and extending our knowledge about innovation trends in the field.

We invite the reader to join us at the workshop in April 2023 also in Barcelona (4th International workshop on Information & Operational Technology (IT & OT) security, where we will be presenting in greater depth the latest research results of the project in the areas of machine learning-based anomaly detection, intrusion detection, risk assessment, etc.

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Authors: Eva Marín (UPC), Joao Pita (XLAB), Jan Antic (XLAB), Antonio Álvarez (ATOS), Luis F. González (UC3M).