In the FISHY Project, we have several components and tools that needs to be integrated and have connectivity among them. For this, the FISHY Reference Framework have been created.

The FISHY Reference Framework (FRF) is a virtual environment capable of supporting the execution of FISHY components and other relevant functions, such as VNFs developed during the project lifetime. It is hosted in 5TONIC, which is an Open Research and Innovation Laboratory focusing on 5G technologies, founded by Telefonica and IMDEA Networks and based in Madrid, Spain.

The diagram that represents the functionalities of the FRF is the one that is depicted on  Figure 1. The FRF is composed by three different domains: the FISHY Control Services and two Kubernetes NFV infrastructure.

To support inter-domain communications, the FRF will include a functional Network Edge Device (NED) at every domain. NEDs will support all the management communications between FISHY Control Services and other FISHY components, such as VNFs (management communications are shown in green colour in Figure 1). They will also enable inter-domain data-plane communications between VNFs and/or FISHY components (data-plane communications are shown in blue colour).

Finally, we have the concept of Sandbox. This is a local copy from the FRF with its lasts updates and can be downloaded and installed locally by interested partners. The Sandbox will support development, testing and integration activities of FISHY components into a common test platform.

Jose Manuel Manjón Cáliz (Telefónica)