The FISHY team has been leveraging the advantages of the European Commission’s initiatives since the start of the project and, in early 2023, we were accepted for a third and final consulting round with the assigned representative of the Horizon Results Booster programme, Maria Augusta Mancini. This last round focused on innovation management and our goal was to enhance the already mature exploitation work we have been developing so far, as part of the Go-to-Market service. This is an exciting opportunity for us, and are thrilled to share it with our audiences. This coaching programme follows our previous two rounds on Exploitation Strategy and Business Plan Development, where we analyzed the three main KERs reflecting the FISHY platform, the vulnerability assessment tools, and the IRO. We also delved deep into the business opportunities for the FISHY platform, preparing its value proposition canvas and consequent lean business model canvas.

In this final programme, we started by exploring funding opportunities at national and European levels. Our focus was on the new programme of the European Research Council, EIC Transition, which is particularly relevant for the takeover of promising research results. We also looked into the Digital Europe programme, which could complement the opportunities in Horizon Europe innovation action calls. During the second session of this programme, we had a hands-on workshop format. We went through the wide range of exploitation materials we have been preparing in the intense first months of 2023. These ranged from the value proposition canvas and lean business model canvas for each of the seven key exploitable results (KER). We focused on our second KER (TIM - Trust and Incidence Management) to be explored in this coaching session, reflecting the FISHY Open Source Software end-to-end solution, which is provided at the end of the project and complemented by paid features that expand the performance of the open-source technology, making FISHY’s business model consistent.


After this final session, we reviewed and republished the KER profiles at the Horizon Results Platform and the security-related assets at the Marketplace. We're proud of what we've accomplished so far and excited to be a part of this cutting-edge work. We're confident that the knowledge and skills we've gained through the Horizon Results Booster programme will be instrumental in taking our innovation management to the next level. We're grateful for the support we've received and look forward to leveraging our new knowledge and skills to continue to innovate and grow.