This paper presents a formal model of the features, named security capabilities, offered by the controls used for enforcing security policies in computer networks. It has been designed to support policy refinement and policy translation and address useful, practical tasks in a vendor-independent manner. The model adopts state-of-the-art design patterns and has been designed to be extensible. The model describes the actions that the controls can perform (e.g. deny packets or encrypt flows), the conditions to select on what to apply the actions, how to compose valid configuration rules from them, and how to build configurations from rules. It proved effective to model filtering controls and iptables.

Basile, C., Canavese, D., Regano, L., Pedone, I., & Lioy, A. (2022, June). A model of capabilities of Network Security Functions.
In 2022 IEEE 8th International Conference on Network Softwarization (NetSoft) (pp. 474-479). IEEE.